New Song - "Why Not"

Why Not cover art: unsophisticated digital drawing of goat in front of flaming background

This song started back in September 2020. RizonielTV sent me an instrumental with this crazy beat switch. I immediately started freestyling ideas and had soon written so much I had to extend the beat, looping it. I sent it back and got a reply with 2 more beats on the end. These beats, especially beat 3, lit me up. I scrapped most of the conscience bars I’d written and started again with a completely different character in the drivers’ seat. All shit-talk. By the time I had the third part finished I was grinning ear to ear and jumping around in the studio.

The 4th part caught me stuck. Where to go from here? I said fuck it and started freestyling. The 4th part is nearly all one take from a freestyle. I punched in a couple of parts, but it was a good reminder that intuition reigns supreme, especially in music.

The hardest part was mixing. With 4 different beats (5 if you include the outro), this song has a lot of different instruments and spaces to make sound cohesive. It’s like a fucking EP. And the absolute hardest part was the bass. It’s always the bass. In part 3 there’s an 808 and another bass that were eating each other alive. I must have mixed this section at least 20 times.

The result is an absolute journey. It starts introspective. It gets weird. It goes full ego. It again finds its center and concludes: why not?

Listen to Why Not