Why Not cover art: unsophisticated digital drawing of goat in front of flaming background
Why Not
by Dylan Hand
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Living like I got no fucks to give left
Know that time won’t wait but that shit crept
Faster than you’d expect. Don’t want to misstep
So overthink it and done’s the only thing nothing gets
Can’t be perfect, but something we strive for
Still we’re caught up tryna find a divine course
Even though most don’t yet realize you’re
Better off when you look less, you’ll find more
Try more, get less
Buy more, temporary fix
Too many moments spent holding it in
Tryna control what’s in their head instead of saying it with no regret
Holy shit. Then realize that’s no way to live
I’d rather say somethin’ instead of cage it in
Life is just a game, might as well start playing it
If you’re not making mistakes you’re not participating then
So now I’m taking all these walls and breaking them
I’ma keep doing me yeah I’m making it
Picking up the pace to ten, make sure I hit the finish line of this shit
I put in the time and I give ‘em what’s on my mind
And they listen and then rewind it again
If I fail, fuck it baby I’ma try it again, yeah
I’m feeling real alive in this bitch
Soon I’ll be blowing up like a kite in the wind
And I don’t give a fuck if they try and stop me
By the time I’m done with this they’ll be tryna copy
I keep it fly as Lockheed, yeah I’m kinda cocky
People try but honestly they’re kinda sloppy
Not me though. I’m awfully bold
I fuck the club up wearing a tight Speedo
Boom! Now I got your attention you bitches better listen listen
Ever since the beginning this been the fuckin’ vision vision
While you sittin’ wishin’ I came and made a decision
It’s gonna pay dividends and shit it-it ain’t ever endin’ endin’
I don’t think that you know
I’m fuckin’ killing it bay-buh-buh-baby I’m duh-duh-dope
I came to wreck it every time I’m on the microphone
And now I’m out here and you know you bitch I’m ready to go woah, woah, woah!
I’m feeling hella beautiful, do what I wanted to do
For so long now I gotta prove it so I can make this shit lucrative
And then move units and these people asking who is him?
It’s Dylan Hand bitch he’s coming out to ruin shit
Yeah I’m doing this since I was in the tenth grade
Now I’m out here and I know I’m gonna get my rent paid
By it I’ma try at least. I had anxiety
But killed it last year now I’m here, just tryna be
What I can be I know it’s lots, people wonder why I
Haven’t stopped I am never gonna stop going off
So much confidence now you’re all my confidants
I’m just tryna to do this shit and never fuckin’ stop
I’m feeling great yeah I’m feeling so good
I really want to share the feeling with everyone that I could
Look, I’m not waiting on success, nah I already got it
Everybody always tells you that you gotta be modest but honestly
I just want to keep rockin’ beats
And tell these people how I feel, let my thoughts be free
‘Til the coffin creeps up I’m sharing my thoughts
Why not? I just don’t know why not
I just wanna try, God. All I want to do is let it out
And put the Krylon on the canvas until I’m gone
Why not