Letter to Ashland cover art: picture of Oregon drawn on post-it note in front of lush forest
Letter to Ashland
by Dylan Hand
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Last night I had a dream about Ashland
Showed up and saw people that I haven’t in
A while, then I missed the flight that’s taking me back again
First panicked then realized I’m with fam and friends
Made me look at life and examine it
Like am I doing this right? Am I managin’?
Should seeds stay in the town parents plant ‘em in
Or is it okay for them to stray to new land instead?
It’s not abandonment
It’s just a pandemic hit and so I can’t travel yet
When restrictions are lifted, you know I’ll be back again
You know I’ll be back again
‘Til then I’ll be chillin’ with a mask and a wish
When the vaccin’ is finished I’m packin’ my shit
and I’m grabbin’ a lift to the airport
Be prepared for it; I’ll be there for that visit
I’ll be there for that visit
You know I’ll be there for that visit

I really miss you motherfuckers back home
It’s been too long

I grew rooted in Oregon
A small slice of the globe, went to see more of it
Pouring in Portland so I crossed the border
Costa Rica shore, met a girl and she’s gorgeous
I’m feeling pretty sure of it
She became the one I’m touring with
Funny how one trip opened the door to this
But I still miss
All my people back home and I still wish
That I could be back home at least each six
Months but that’s been tough ‘cause COVID
Is makin’ its way around the globe instead
But once that’s done I’ma jet
I’ma get on the next flight and be back home
Didn’t think it would be this long
When I leave better leave that door open
I’ma be back to see y’all more
I’ma be back to see y’all more
I’ma be back to see y’all more