New Song - "Rock The Boat"

Rock The Boat cover art: Dylan Hand and SUNRAID standing in front of a red boat with a blue background and parental advisory sticker in the top right corner

I met SUNRAID after we both performed at a party. She said she was looking for a rapper to collab with and liked my style. At the after party she played me a bunch of beats and we talked about music. I remember being skeptical of whether a collab would work because her style was hard drum & bass – quite different from mine.

But you don’t know unless you try.

The following week we met up at my studio and had the majority of what you’re about to hear was done in three hours. I came in a few days later to knock out the lyrics and it was done. One of the more seamless collabs I’ve been a part of came out of nowhere while attempting to meld two different genres together – all in the first session. We hope you like it.

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